About Decoded prep

In the world of academia, we tend to encounter things like this: The obfuscation of words and numbers is an impediment to the facility of the discernment of information. Whoa, that was like a lot of mumbo jumbo, right?

At Decoded Prep, we are committed to decoding the perplexing world of standardized tests into digestible bites. Mastering skills like reading comprehension and algebra will seem rudimentary...uh...we mean, easy breezy.

Instructing students both regionally and internationally, we have over 15 years of combined test prep experience decoding the tricks and traps of standardized tests, like the dreaded SATs. In fact, our team even includes a content specialist who was commissioned to write test questions for the SATs. Insider information? Absolutely!

We're changing the conversation of test prep from the "Huh?" to the "Oh! Duh!”

That’s us on above, Jennifer and Leon, the sibling duo behind Decoded Prep. Message us with any questions, comments, or if you would like to know what these overambitious double majors each studied at UCLA.